AGROSILA is an agricultural holding in the Russian Federation which occupies leading positions in every segment of its business activity.
The holding is composed of 23 agricultural enterprises situated in the Republic of Tatarstan. The vertically integrated holding includes enterprises growing grain crops and technical crops, producing compound feed, poultry meat, sausages, semi-finished meat products, dairy products, sugar, molasses, and sugar beet pulp.

AGROSILA has been an expert in Halal production since 2005. All Halal-labelled products are rigorously checked for the absence of prohibited elements and are certified accordingly. The enterprises which produce Halal products are regularly monitored by the curators of the Certifying Authority.
The companies of AGROSILA use the most natural way of broiler and cow housing - floor management and stall barn housing accordingly.
Excellent product taste and pureness are ensured by the use of feed of natural origin. The basis of the animal and poultry diet is made up of feed of our own production.
Halal product range is rather wide: Poultry meat, Semi-finished meat products, Sausages, Delicacies, Dairy products, Cheese.
The strategy of AGROSILA is aimed at extending its export potential. At the moment, AGROSILA supplies its products to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, as well as to China, European Union countries, and the Persian Gulf countries.
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