The Azov Confectionery Factory is one of the largest producers of Oriental sweets and confectionery in the Russian Federation.
The factory was founded in 1997. It produces about 10 000 tons of finished products every month. The company has a huge potential to increase in production capacity.

The factory undergoes regular modernization of its production capacities.
The equipment used is manufactured in Germany and Italy. The company has implemented the ISO 22000:2018 (HACCP certificate).
The company has been exporting for more than ten years and is represented in 20 countries: countries.

The company has vast experience and established relationships with logistics companies to organize goods' delivery anywhere in the world. We provide full customs clearance and the necessary additional labeling of products by agreement with the client.

The company workshops manufacture natural sweets: halva and gozinaki produced from sunflower seeds, peanuts, and other nuts, sherbet and rahat lokum, glazed and non-glazed jelly sweets, jelly and chewy jelly candies, toffee, milk, and fondant sweets, caramel and cookies. Shelf life for the factory's products varies from 8 to 18 months.

+7 (919) 871-71-00
+7 (938) 108-47-60
Legal address: 1, Albert Kamaleev Avenue, entrance 3, office 8, 420081, Kazan, Russia
Manufacturer`s address:
5A, Kagalnitzkoe highway, Azov,
Rostov Region, 346780, Russia 55, Tatarstan Str., Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, 420021, Russia
Booth: E36